May 03, 2019


We have been following the evolution of the music market since 1978, from vinyl to streaming, forever in line with technological and social changes.

With the birth of digital platforms and streaming technology, the way music is consumed has changed tremendously and the playlist format is clearly here to stay.

Streaming platforms use algorithms to create playlists that supposedly cater to your musical tastes and immerse you in your own musical universe.

We want to offer something different:

We have no algorithm. We have something far better. We have JF. 

JF is a professional playlist creator who has vast experience in making programs for major companies in the music business. 
With JF we offer you "Themed Playlists" that will accompany your every mood.

From "Coffee Time", to "After Dinner Jazz", from "Latin Trip" to "Drivin’ Cool", never again will you be alone in traffic jams, and your coffee ☕  will always have the aroma of Brazil. Flag: Brazil on Apple iOS 12.2



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